Aims and objectives

An overall objective of the Hellenic Authors’ Society is to act as a link among its members and defend freedom of expression.

The goals of the Society are:

1. The defense of freedom and pluralism of speech and expression, within the framework of democratic freedoms and the rights of human beings and citizens.

2. The undertaking of any conducive activity for the promotion and dissemination of Greek literature and language.

3. The protection of the material, intellectual and moral rights of its members. The protection in general of their professional interests and, in particular, their author's rights.

4. The support – judicial, moral or otherwise – to any author, member or not of the Society, whose work is subjected to any form of censorship, or who himself/herself is prosecuted for his/her work or ideas, following a decision of the Board of Directors. Specifically, legal aid is offered to any member facing prosecution for his/her writing.

5. The active intervention in the state, and in general any public procedures, for taking and implementing decisions concerning literary and cultural matters.